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easyOFFER Overview VideoThis video gives you a brief overview of creating an offer.  Topics covered include:
  • Creating a new document
  • Selecting a form (document)
  • Filling in the blanks
  • Adding clauses
  • Selecting chattels, fixtures and rental items
  • Print preview and printing
  • Saving a document

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How to Videos


Clauses in a Document
Adding Clauses to an Amendment
Changing the order that clauses print using the move clause buttons

Creating a New Document from an Existing Document
Create an Confirmation of Co-Operation and Representation from an Offer
Create a Waiver from an Offer
Create an Amendment from an Offer

Clause Library
Adding a New Clause to the Clause Library
Printing your clause library

Additional videos coming soon!

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  • Video and audio problems can be solved by closing other programs while viewing the videos.  The videos are highly compressed and older computers need to work a bit harder.
  • If an error message such as "unable to load appropriate decompressor" is displayed you simply need a newer version of the free Microsoft Windows Media Player .


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