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easyOFFER Features

  • Correct as you type spell check
  • Use the new Letter Size forms and latest clauses
  • Leading product since we invented offer software technology back in 1986
  • Install it yourself in less than 5 minutes - no computer skills necessary
  • Create your first offer in just 3 minutes
  • Step-by-step userís guide included
  • No subscription fees or hidden charges
  • Free 24 hour electronic support
  • Fast, reliable and always available - no internet connection required
  • E-mail documents to others and avoid hard to read faxes
  • Easy to use and easy to learn... even if you can't use a computer or type
  • No training needed - just install and go!
  • Proven reliable for over 30 years
  • Integrates with easyACCOUNTING our real estate brokerage accounting solution
  • Enhanced forms - lots of room for chattels, fixtures, etc.
  • Automatically creates schedules
  • Revolutionary new way of organizing and finding clauses. No more clause numbers to memorize; of course you can always use clause numbers if you'd like
  • Entirely self-contained - additional software (such as Word, WordPerfect or Acrobat) does not need to be purchased or installed
  • There is a prompt for every decision you have to make - no blind guesses, no confusing codes to memorize and type in
  • Use any printer Windows supports
  • Customize your own clause library
  • Store thousands of clauses
  • Add custom clauses to your offer anytime -- no special set-up required
  • Create waivers, amendments, etc. from stored offers in just seconds
  • Pop-up interactive calendar
  • Every clause can be edited on the fly
  • Save your documents anyplace: Hard disk, floppy, USB flash drive, SkyDrive, etc.
  • Extensive on-line help just a click away
  • Store your offers for later revision, no re-typing or messy corrections
  • Print your documents using any font
  • Easy to read self-explanatory screens
  • "Fill in the blanks" format for entering information with on screen messages that prompt for the appropriate data
  • Look-up windows help you find the information you need, when you need it
  • Automatically creates a database of brokers, lawyers, etc.
  • Natural format dates that eliminate misinterpretation - (e.g., "October 11, 2021" not "10/11/21" or "21/10/11" or "11/10/21")
  • Print your own reference book of all your clauses complete with index
  • Password protection
  • Your company name is filled in for you automatically
  • Clauses can be easily re-ordered
  • Automatic telephone number formatting
  • Daily tips
  • Windows can be resized for larger monitors
  • Preview clauses before selecting them
  • Automatic capitalization
  • Compatible with fax software - fax your offer right from your computer
  • Automatic checks for dates to prevent embarrassing mistakes (e.g., a closing date on a weekend or holiday)
  • Automatic number to word conversion for amounts - no need to type it out yourself and potentially introduce an error
  • Supports multiple monitors
  • Preview the final form on the screen before printing
  • Use meaningful long document names such as "Mary and Joe Smithís offer for 123 Main Street" instead of a cryptic "MJSMITH"
  • Documents are stored in the .ezw file format and can be easily shared with assistants and colleges making it fast & easy for others to revise your document or create error-free supplemental documents such as amendments
  • Upgradeable - buy what you need today and add as your needs grow
  • Print pages as desired - no need to print everything
  • Full Network support. (Corporate version)
  • Install onto multiple computers. (Corporate version)
  • Stay current with built-in update check
  • Update notification e-mail subscription service
  • Written with Microsoft C++ for high performance and reliability -- the same language Microsoft uses for Windows, Office, etc.
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