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Personal version only $49!

easyOFFER™ has been the leading real estate forms and contract creation software product since we invented the technology way back in 1986.  Now, with the latest version of easyOFFER, creating polished, professional-looking documents has never been easier.

Imagine . . . offers in just three minutes!

Don’t waste time on products that require hours of training, only to discover that they don’t deliver as promised.  easyOFFER was designed to be easy to use and easy to learn, and the finished product always has a professional appearance that instills confidence in purchasers and vendors alike.  Proven reliable for over 30 years, easyOFFER is quite simply the REALTORS® choice.


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User's Guide

easy OFFER user's guide

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Product Features & Benefits

  • Fast, reliable and always available when you need it - no internet connection is required.

  • Absolute privacy – your confidential offers, etc. are stored securely on your personal computer away from prying internet eyes.

  • Over 100 forms supported, both residential and commercial offers, contracts, agreements, leases, notices, schedules, and many other form types.

  • Quick and easy "Fill in the blanks" format makes filling out a form a snap especially for a busy REALTOR's® secretary or assistant.

  • No training required - a have professional-looking offer in your hands in just three minutes.

  • Supports the latest forms from the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) and the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB).

  • E-mail offers and other documents.   Avoid hard to read faxes.

  • Over 280 residential and commercial OREA clauses included.

  • Industry-leading product since we pioneered offer-creation software technology back in 1986.

  • Installs easily in less than five minutes.

  • Entirely self-contained—no additional, sometimes temperamental software (such  Adobe) is required.

  • No training required.

  • Easy to use and easy to learn . . . even if you can’t use a computer or type.

  • Create professional-looking offers in just three minutes.

  • Includes step-by-step user’s guide and extensive online help.

  • Create waivers, amendments, etc. from offers in just seconds.

  • Full network support (corporate version).

Additional Features

  • Correct as you type spell check.

  • Integration with easyACCOUNTING - import the Trade Record Sheet Data form, Agreements of Purchase and Sale and other documents directly into easyACCOUNTING, our fully REBBA & RECO compliant brokerage accounting package.

  • Customize your own clause library and add custom clauses to your offer any time.

  • Create schedules automatically.

  • Print your documents in any font.

  • Automatically create a database of brokers, lawyers, etc.

  • Print your own reference book of all your clauses, complete with index.

  • You are always current with the built-in automatic update check.

  • See the full feature list

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