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Regency Systems Corp. the Canadian Realtor's choice
About Us

Reagency Systems Corp. is the leading supplier of productivity-enhancing real estate software for professional REALTORS®.  Reagency — not a misspelling of regency but an abbreviation of “real estate agency” — combines over 30 years of experience in Canadian Real Estate, Information Technology and Accounting to create software products ideally suited to today’s real estate brokers and agents. In fact, our software is the choice of top REALTORS® — because the more experience a REALTOR® has in software selection, the more likely the choice will be Reagency.


Reagency Systems didn’t become the recognized leader in real estate software systems overnight. The climb to the top began in 1984, when we set out to develop software that set a new standard for excellence — software that truly took into account the everyday requirements of the real estate industry. And that’s exactly what we did.  For over 30 years, Reagency users have enjoyed a quality product that has been regularly updated and enhanced to keep pace with their evolving needs. The reliability of our products is widely seen to be one of the key factors behind their long life and continued popularity.

Reagency has achieved this success through its commitment to building a team of professionals who enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done . . . people for whom “good enough” simply isn’t good enough . . . people who thrive on challenges and have the know-how and expertise to overcome them . . . people who understand the value of going out in the field, talking to users, listening to their needs — then acting on them.

This approach requires a dynamic, thought-provoking environment; room to pursue research and development; and a genuine team-based culture. This is precisely the type of environment you'll find at Reagency's headquarters on any given day.

By taking feedback from our customers and incorporating it into our software products, we create software solutions tailored to your specific needs. So instead of the headaches caused by inflexible, one-size-fits-all packages, you'll get software that delivers real-life solutions with power and performance.

Our customer-oriented philosophy is reflected not only in our products, but also in our attitude, personalized service, and responsiveness. All in all, we have the unique expertise to fulfill your business needs with the right software and related services. After all, isn’t that what you should expect from a premier software developer?

Through intensive research and development activities, coupled with a full-time commitment to the real estate industry, we are continually enhancing the functionality of Reagency's software products. It’s an ongoing process — one that incorporates feedback, testing, and quality assurances.

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